Books / Knížky


EPOS:   Sbírka básní 2011-2014, samizdatové vydání, vyrobeno 80ks, ilustrace.
         / Second Poetry collection released in 2014, contains poems from 2011-2014, ilustrated, made
           and distributed by Ei, 80 pieces. 


Vitráž / Stained Glass

Stained glass: sketches
Triptych of the Last Judgement contains John the Baptist baptizing Jesus with blood from his head. 
In the second part you can see saint war, Golgotha, eye of Horus, way of the Cross, Spacecrafts, atomic bombs, sacrifice of a pig, angels ...

Street art

Street-ART group dealing with some political and religious crap at that time, depicting history of world leaders on abandoned walls of a small village. Using spray cans, paper templates and dark evenings.